Why Choose Me?

There are a lot of options out there, so why choose me? Three words sum it up: Compassionate, Responsive, and Dependable!


I really love dogs and cats and I love spending time with them. In fact, if you don’t properly care for your pet, I can’t work for you because it breaks my heart.  For this reason I will not provide service if you:

  • Think you can leave town and only have someone visit your dog once or twice a day (cats can handle it, for dogs it is inhumane!)
  • Leave your dog outside unattended for long periods of time
  • Leave your dog in a crate or confined space, like a patio, bathroom, or garage for extended periods of time during your absences (crate training for puppies is fine, I am talking about adult dogs here)
  • Don’t provide proper medical care for your dog

If you love your pet and want the highest level of care and the most conscientious and compassionate person to care for them, you’ve come to the right place! I am happy to provide references you can speak with directly that will confirm this. 

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I am very responsive and accessible. Call me. I will either answer directly or I will call you back with 15 minutes; 90% of the time within 5 minutes.  Text me... I will respond within minutes.  As part of my service I send you pictures of and updates on your pet unless you ask me not to. 

Why is this important? I treat my dog and your pet like a family member. If you hired someone to look after your kids and you called them and they didn’t answer the phone or even respond promptly, would you be concerned? I look at it the same way with pet sitters; even more so than other types of service businesses. 


I haven’t missed a scheduled pet sitting appointment since I started this business in 2011. You can count on me to do what I say I will do and to communicate with you promptly if I have to change my schedule for any reason.  Again, I have references you can speak with directly who can vouch for this.


Finally, on this topic of “why choose me?”, there is the issue of trust. When you choose a pet sitter you are starting an important relationship and trusting that person with the care of a beloved family member. You are usually giving that person access to your home (if you don’t trust them enough to do that you shouldn’t trust them with your pet!). You want someone that you can trust completely, who is conscientious, responsible, compassionate, responsive, and dependable. That person is me!