Tricia Reeves is trying to find a good home for Bella a 9 year old poodle.

I live in Carlsbad and have run my own pet sitting business ( since 2011. Bella’s previous owner, Doris, passed away on October 1st. I had been assisting Doris with Bella’s care since mid-August and have taken over full care of Bella since mid-September as Doris’ health deteriorated. Bella became blind to due glaucoma. Her first eye was removed in the spring of 2016. She had a surgery to remove her second eye on 9/13/2018, but was completely blind prior to that surgery. Here is some additional information about Bella:

  • She has been with Doris since she was a puppy.

  • She is house trained and knows only to go outside

  • She gets along fine with my dog Paco (see pics of him and info about me on my website)

  • She is very loving and has bonded with me and my husband in a short period of time

  • She has slept in our bed since mid-September with no problems

  • She only barks when our dog barks at something, but she is not a barker and can be left alone without barking and does not appear to have separation anxiety issues

  • It is unknown how she will do with cats, but I don’t think she can possibly be a problem for any cats, only the other way around! As long as the cats don’t bother her, I think everything would be fine.

  • She has limited capability to be a problem with dogs or cats, etc. as she is only weighs 10 lbs. and can’t see

  • I have vet records for Bella that can be emailed. Her new, local vet is Carlsbad Animal Hospital.

The ideal owner for Bella would be someone who:

  • is home most of the time so she is not left alone for extended periods

  • is possibly retired or working from home

  • has compassion and time to love her and give her attention

I plan to care for Bella until I find the right new home for her. I do not want to give her to another foster or shelter as I do not want to put her through multiple additional transitions with new environments and owners.

Please contact me if you are interested or know someone who might be interested in meeting Bella. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

contact Tricia about Bella:

Call:  (760) 707-3295